I like to slowly pull out after filling up “The Mrs”…8-)

It makes for some really good shots!


You were kind enough to send a note, but your “treat” did not come through…8-(

My Favorite Part…8-)

This is “that moment”…8-)

The moment where I finish inside “The Mrs” and her hot pussy…8-)



"The Mrs" likes it when I help guide my cock into her hot and talented lips and mouth…8-)

She likes me being in charge. It makes her excited and wet!

And she certainly kicks her oral skills into overdrive!


A Spread Shot…8-)

By request!

It seems there are quite a few fans of this type of shot. One fan in particular sent a very nice note and a treat to our inbox! So this shot is for them…a special “Thanks”!

Happy Viewing!

Quite often, we get notes in our inbox asking us why we do this. Most are polite. A couple have been a bit mean and preachy. But everyone is entitled to their opinions. And everyone is entitled to post themselves nude as long as the pictures are within the legal limits…8-)

There are a number of reasons, but we will not bore you with all of them.

The main reason is US. No, not because we are hot. Far from it. We do it because it turns us on to know that people are looking. At US! And enjoying OUR shots and possibly “enjoying” themselves to “us”. Not everyone is that way, but I know we both get turned on when we know that someone is viewing pictures of US when they masturbate. For us, that is both flattering and incredibly hot!

No, I am not a cuckhold. If another male joins us, I am not up for just watching or being humiliated. Nothing wrong with that at all. As a matter of fact, if you live in Minnesota and need a third male for a situation like that…lol.

Originally we came here looking for another couple or a female to spend an evening with after our couple backed out in the hotel room. We understood that it wasn’t right for them, but we were disappointed. That paid off! We have a female (a Follower) joining us in October and we couldn’t be more turned on and nervous!

The last point is sharing. We love sharing pictures of ourselves! I love reading people’s notes and the nice things they post about “The Mrs” It is flattering for her to read. Myself as well.

We enjoy being watched. We have had someone film and take pictures while we have sex. She did not join in, but that was a great experience!

I think we would “perform” in front of a smaller group if they were quiet and genuinely interest in watching this average couple have some fun.

Another question we gat asked is “Does it bother you that men from all over see your wife nude?”

Nope. I read the emails as she shows me what has been sent and I look at some of the pictures that they send too.

Being watched for her seems to open a valve in that hot pussy. She gets beyond wet…8-)

So thanks for helping us! Without you, our fantasy would be just that…a fantasy. And thanks to those of you drop us a line! The compliments really make “The Mrs’ feel appealing and sexy!

Pure Pleasure…8-)

"The Mrs" has a very hot pussy…8-)

Whether I am taking pictures of her pussy to share with you, running my tongue along those beautiful pink folds or spreading those lips apart with my hard cock…it is all pure pleasure!

Hopefully you get “pleasure” out of looking at her as well…8-)


Short and Sweet…8-)

We have another “Mini Photo Night” for you! We took a short series of pictures this time around. With vacation and getting back on schedule, we have been swamped.

These shots are nothing special. But we will make up for it on our next “Photo Night”…8-)

Here is the first shot. Shots of “The Mrs” and her “assets” have been hit and miss as far as popularity lately, but hopefully you enjoy this view. I know I do!


Sexy Overflow…8-)

When I finish inside of “The Mrs” and it slowly runs out of her incredibly hot pussy…

That makes for a sexy shot…8-)



Nothing fancy. Nothing special.

"The Mrs" bent over taking my hard cock from behind…8-)


Mini “Photo Night”…8-)

After a vacation and getting back to normal, a “Photo Night” wasn’t in the cards. We hate to disappoint, so we took a few quick shots.

Nothing spectacular, but we hope you enjoy!

Happy Viewing…8-)

Well Hello…8-)

We are back from our VERY INCREDIBLE vacation! Although we did manage to update each night, it certainly wasn’t up to our typical standards. We apologize, but we really tried to tune everything out and just enjoy our time off…8-)

To be honest, we were so busy that we didn’t even manage to get a “Photo Night” in! We only have a few shots left from our last one and we are both heading back to the grind of our jobs…lol.

Don’t worry, we will figure out something until we can get another “Photo Night” in!

There is a small group of you who have politely asked for another “Batman” shot. The few we do have are ones “The Mrs” didn’t like very much. However, I will share one…8-)

Don’t tell “The Mrs”!

Round and Curvy…8-)

Some of you have asked for a “fuller” shot of the backside of “The Mrs”.

Here she is!

Round. Curvy. Dripping from just being filled…8-)


Backdoor Fun…8-)

For the fans of the “full” backdoor shot…8-)

Happy Viewing!

Another Request…8-)

A request from one of our “Favorite Followers”! Our apologies for taking a bit to get to your request! Thanks for being patient…8-)

We have been trying to update with a picture or two each day, but we are currently enjoying our vacation!

Things will be back to normal next week unfortunately as all good things must come to an end. Until then, we will be wrapping things up with the last few shots from our previous “Photo Night”.