Sometimes “The Mrs” will “warm things up” a bit before we start…8-)

Incredibly sexy!



"The Mrs" picked these out for tonight’s "Photo Night". She knows that there are a number of you who enjoy panties! She hopes you like these…8-)

It looks like you might be able to see a bit more than polka dots…

Happy Viewing!

Good Evening…8-)

Was tonight “Photo Night?

Did “The Mrs” get new panties?


We think you are going to like the upcoming shots!

My Favorite Shot…8-)

Hot. Sexy. Perfect.

I love this shot.

"The Mrs" handles a camera quite well!



I may just have to hand over the camera to “The Mrs”!

She takes some very sexy shots…8-)

Happy Viewing!


Another great shot from “The Mrs”!

Took everything I had to stay at work…8-)



"The Mrs" is a wonderful woman. She is also a bit naughty. Getting back into the swing of things after a vacation is tough. Especially work. Nobody wants to go back to work.

I happened to glance at my phone at work today. “The Mrs” sent me this. This shot. This shot of her beautiful shaved pussy.

1. I appreciate it very much. I could look at that all day. And the risk of getting these at work kicks it up a notch.

2. I know she didn’t JUST take pictures. Yes, there are more. I can tell because something is a bit wet…8-) She PLAYED AROUND, and I wasn’t there to watch. That just isn’t right. We will have to discuss that…8-)

3. She took pictures because she knew we were out. She took them for YOU! She took them so we would have fresh and new pictures to post until we have our “Photo Night”! So now she is keeping all of YOU in mind! Sheesh…

4. But…they don’t get posted without…ME. I am the key to the door of my wife’s nakedness…8-)

I have decided to post this one for free. Not because I am a nice guy, because generally I’m not. I have decided to post the first shot because it is a well-done shot of an incredible pussy and I think many people should have the opportunity to see the skills that “The Mrs” has with a camera…8-)

Make her feel good. Make her pussy wet. Give it a like. A vote. A comment. She would love any feedback at all. I usually take all the pictures. Big Step for “The Mrs”. Help a sexy gal feel good!

Another View…8-)

Since our requestor was so nice and polite, here is another view…8-)


A Request…8-)

"I am a female. I LOVE your spot! I am a bit shy, so I am writing this anon, but I masturbate to your pics quite often! The Mrs has such a beautiful pussy and The Mr has a cock I would love to feel inside of me. I was wondering if you could post a picture of a hot load of cum all over her pussy for me. It would make this gal wet and playful!"


What a nice little note! No need to be anonymous. We certainly would love to know who you are…8-)

Wouldn’t mind a peek of you “enjoying yourself” either!

Hope this picture is what you were hoping for.

Happy Viewing!

Hot, Wet and Filled Up…8-)

A nice shot of “The Mrs” and her hot pussy all filled up…8-)


Cream-Filled Fun…8-)

"The Mrs"…with a cream-filled center!



All finished. My cock has slowly been pulled all the way out from between those hot wet lips…8-)

Enjoy the view!

A Little More…8-)

I like to use my hand and spread “The Mrs” gently open a little bit as I slowly pull my cock out of her hot wet pussy…8-)

Happy Viewing!


I like to slowly pull out after filling up “The Mrs”…8-)

It makes for some really good shots!


You were kind enough to send a note, but your “treat” did not come through…8-(