A VERY SEXY female shared quite a shot, so, as promised, we will as well!

As mentioned, we are jumping ahead a bit. Getting a little out of sequence. Don’t worry, we will come back and post the shots we are skipping over. We just didn’t want you to get bored with too many “similar” shots in a row!

This is our “Rabbit”! Glass blown. “The Mrs” prefers to run the vibrating bullet herself (it lights up) instead of having it rest in its spot.

Here she is enjoying her “Rabbit”.

It has been far too long since we have used it…8-)

Happy Viewing!

Perfectly Sexy…8-)

By now you should probably be able to pick “The Mrs” out of a lineup…if such a thing existed!

Imagine having to pick your wife/girlfriend out by just looking at their hottest spot…8-)

Twenty women lined up. Only one part exposed…8-)

Could you do it?

That could be an interesting evening…8-)



Everyone has theirs. “The Mrs” has hers too! Thankfully her limits are a little different than most…8-)


Advanced Anatomy…8-)

Lesson #2

It seems we have some eager students this evening!

This is another look at the female anatomy. Some of you may have been told that women have teeth in this area.

This is not true…8-)

"The Mrs" certainly provides a stunning example for your viewing pleasure!


Anatomy 101…8-)

Tonight’s lesson in anatomy is the sexual organs of the male and female!

Here we see an example of a real penis and vagina in their natural habitat…8-)

Any questions?

Happy Viewing!

"The Mrs"…Up Close and Personal…8-)

Are some of you still into close-up shots?

Do some of you still enjoy seeing “The Mrs” and her wet pink lips up close?

Maybe shots like these aren’t popular at all…8-)


Something Different…8-)

We always try to get shots that we think you will enjoy. Shots that you will find sexy and hot. Shots that turn you on.

Does this one do the trick?

Happy Viewing…8-)


We appreciate everyone who follows our spot! We also appreciate the fact that everyone has something different that they like to see…8-)

Some of you like panties. Some like a nice foot shot. Some enjoying seeing “The Mrs’” hot pussy spread open just a little bit. And a few of you even enjoy seeing me in the shot…8-)

This shot covers all of those things!

We hope you enjoy it…8-)


Panties down. Legs spread. “The Mrs” giving you all a bit of peek inside her hot pussy…8-)

Happy Viewing!


When the panties come off, all sorts of possibilities “open up”!

Lucky for “The Mrs”, I have a few ideas…8-)

I think she will like what I have in mind. We think you will too!

Enjoy the view…8-)

They Slipped…8-)

It appears that the panties have slipped off a bit. Not sure if some of you will be too happy about that. We know you have enjoyed this particular pair of panties…8-)

We have a feeling that you will get over the disappointment of “The Mrs” slowly sliding them off though…


Curves Ahead…8-)

I love her curves. Her smoothness. Those perfect lips…8-)

"The Mrs" photographs VERY well!


A Compromise…8-)

Many of you want a “full view”!

Many of you are REALLY enjoying this particular pair of panties that “The Mrs” picked out especially for you!

So here is a compromise…a good view of BOTH…8-)

Happy Viewing!

Split Decision…8-)

On. Off. On. Off.

You are still filling our inbox with your opinions…8-)

We appreciate hearing from you! We didn’t expect these shots to be so popular right away! We haven’t even gotten started yet…8-)

Wait until you see what we have coming up…8-)

Less is More…8-)

Funny how just a little bit of lacy fabric can get so many of you so worked up!

"The Mrs" does like to tease! We made another "adjustment"…less panties, more of "The Mrs"…8-)

Maybe you guys won’t like the latest “adjustment”…

Or perhaps you won’t mind at all…8-)